Healthy Drink Recipe Ideas For Home

This summer ditch those high calories, sugary drinks or sodas with some tasty and healthy fresh juices which not only give your body healthy natural boost but will keep your body energized for a whole day. Mix number of blended juicy veggies in these fruit drinks to restrain natural sugar of fruit.

Here we have came up with some healthy drink recipes that will help you to stay on a path of healthier lifestyle, as these drinks and juices are full of some amazing nutritious powerful punch.

Orange juice

Drinking couple glasses of orange juice helps in preventing inflammation which easily gets triggered by some of fast foods, that creates some serious damage to our blood vessels as shown in some research.


Drinking lemonade can help in getting rid of kidney stones, an irritating issue which continuously growing inside. Taking 90% of lemonade daily will cut down the risk of recurrence of kidney stones. Mix around 3 ounce lemon juice and mix it well with 2 liter of water and drink it up straight.

Grape juice

Grape juice is the best source of taking antioxidants and anthocyanins which are known for enhancing brain function in humans. Many have said that taking Concord grape drink for few weeks have helped them with improving their memory.

Cranberry juice

With only forty five calories, cranberry juice is very effective in preventing infections in urinary tract and improves the overall cardiovascular health. It all thanks to the energetic flavonoid antioxidants.

But try to make sure that you ate not consuming cocktail of a cranberry juice, the reason is this juice is fully loaded with needless calories and sugar.

Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice are well known for treating specific kind of cancers like tomato juice which is full of lycopene can help in reducing prostate and other cancers. Vegetable juice are fully with different kinds of minerals, vitamins and fibers which will help in keeping your stomach stocked for longer duration. Make one thing sure that you are selecting hundred per cent of vegetable juice which is having low sodium content.

Pomegranate juice

If you want consume a drink which is having higher level of antioxidants than red wine or green tea then pomegranate juice is the best option for you. Pomegranate also carries some anti inflammatory properties which helps in protecting our body with heart disease.

Prune juice

If you are person who’s facing some serious problems in digestive system then prune juice is something which can come handy. This fruit juice is full with potassium, fibers and antioxidants. Also it contains natural laxative which helps in regulating our digestive system which is very helpful for a person suffering from constipation as this juice gives some instant results in no time.

This was the whole list of healthy drink recipes. Now it’s your turn to decide which of the exact juice recipe is meant for you. Try to be regular with these juice recipes in order to see some significant changes in your body.

Posted on April 21, 2018 in Stronger Immune System

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