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Bow hunting

You might have bought your takedown recurve bow so that you can go out and start hunting, but you need to know how and when to hunt. The hunting that you do could happen in the morning when you are out there without many other hunters. You might want to hunt in the afternoon when the animals are roaming about because less hunters will be there, and you might want to hunt at night so that you can catch the nocturnal animals that are floating around out there. Anyone who is planning to hunt should consider the time of day they would most enjoy hunting.

1. Morning

You can go out early in the morning because you want to be in the forest with few other hunters. Hunting in the morning allows you a lot of quiet, and you will find that you catch animals as they are just waking up. The morning hunt might not yield the largest catch because you will find some animals hide when you come around. They can hear you coming, and they will stay hidden until you pass by. However, some animals will be out and about because they do not hear any scary noises. If you are hunting with a takedown recurve bow, you will make no sound at all even when you shoot, and you can maintain the placid atmosphere that is out there.

2. Afternoon

Some people will hunt in the afternoon because they want to be out when all the animals are awake and roaming around. The animals have to move around to find food, and they will all be out there where you can see them. This is the time of day that you will see groups of animals passing through the forest, and you will find that you have better visibly in the afternoon. However, hunting in the afternoon will introduce more sound to the environment. The world around you will create this persistent hum, and that hum is very hard for you to ignore because it includes random loud noises that might scare the animals. You have to be in a very remote place to avoid sounds from the outside world.

3. Evening

Hunting at night helps you catch all the nocturnal animals that are out at this time. However, hunting in the evening can be difficult because you are hunting with less light. You might purchase night vision gear that you will use so that you can see while you are out there, or you might hunt with a light. You must be careful to not scare the animals with the light you are using, or you might want to find a perch so that you can sit there and wait for some of the animals to come by. This requires focus, but it might suit your personality.

4. How Do You Choose What Is Best For You?

You can choose the right time of day to hunt simply by considering which time of day fits your schedule and your hunting style. Most people hunt in the morning so that they can stay out long enough to have a bit of afternoon hunting. However, there are many other people who will hunt in the evening because it is cooler and they can survey the landscape without being seen.

5. Conclusion

You can go out at any time to start hunting, and you will discover that you can take home something that will feed you for months to come. You can hunt any animal, and you can hunt in a place that will make you completely comfortable.

Posted on January 3, 2019 in Low Crab

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